Our Strategic Partners

We recognize that successfully reducing crime and disorder in a democratic society is one of the primary goals of American Policing however, we cannot accomplish this alone.  Crime is not simply a policing problem but rather a societal problem.  We are proud to announce strategic partnerships with the following organizations, all dedicated to ensuring the sharing and growth of professional knowledge in order to ensure a safer community.

The Police Foundation, Washington D.C.

Since it was started in 1970, the Police Foundation has maintained its position as a leader in promoting the use of science and research in policing.  The American Society of Evidence-Based Policing has benefited greatly from this mission and was formed with the generous support and counsel of Foundation President, Chief (Ret) Jim Bueermann.

American Bar Association

From its humble beginning in 1878, when 75 lawyers met to change their profession, the ABA has evolved into a organization that continually strives for the evolution of the criminal justice profession.  The ASEBP is proud to partner with the ABA Criminal Justice Division to collaborate towards ensuring the best possible outcomes in criminal justice for all in our society.